Monday, November 4, 2019

Back to the grind...


Butch 57 said...

😎back to work with cock on my mind

lftcsterik9 said...

WOW! #3 won! He was my favorite but I thought for sure #s 5 or 6 would win. My dudes never win. The man is the complete stud pup. Thanks. Do you have a name & address to go along with the photo? Eben the website? Erik

Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Great Back to the Grind posting Koba!!

#1) Oh my, I don't know if I could resist seeing that little cutie's bum bum in the locker room. I think I could get away with walking by, slapping one of those moon compact cheeks and saying "GREAT WORKOUT TODAY, BUDDY BOY"!! Without getting kicked out of the gym. What powerful legs he has to.

#2) Ok boys enough mugging up for the pic, now come into the sauna, I've an open mouth for ALL of you!!

#3) Hey handsome young DR, can I give your oral while you give your patient a rectal. I mean it won't be much of a struggle getting at your cock:)!!

#4) I wouldn't mind getting my exercise in follow BEHIND this young man up the stairs.

#5) Lucky Bastards, both of them:)

#6) Do like me a well groomed hairy, Big Boy Savage.

#7) Always enjoy another dude letting me watch him whack off:)

#8) Buddy, you certainly are doing a good job, but don't forget about his balls.

#9) Oh dude, you found a really nice cock to chow down on:):)

#10) I know blue balls can really hurt, but I guess red hot balls can be just as painful. Yikes

Thanks Koba

Ezekiel said...

The group shot in the second pic is hot! I've always enjoyed some quality bro time with the lads. I wonder if they ever compare sizes and have sword fights to see who's the real alpha male ;)

Bruce Jensen said...

That cute little tush in photo 1 needs to grind back against me.