Monday, November 25, 2019

Back to the grind...

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Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Great Back to the Grind posting Koba!!

#1) Oh yes young man, always make sure they're willing to play in the locker room, This big boy seems "up" for some action. But there are a few prudes in the men's locker room, unfortunately they have BIG MOUTHS!!

#2) Now in the privacy of your own place, SUCK AWAY:):):)

#3) Now this baby faced, hairy pitted hard hat, is looking for a cocksucker!!

#4) Oh my Big Guy, while you smoke your stogie, I'm looking at your smoked sausage. Um, can I take it out and puff on that????:) Woof

#5) OH doctor, doctor, nature was so very good to you!! I do love me a THICK cock.

#6) F--k, Thanksgiving came a few days early to this young man. That is one lucky dude, to be surrounded by these hungry BEARS!! That is one hefty Scrumptious "rump roast" on the standing bear with his bare hairy ass to the right of us. Woof!! Please sit on my face.

#7) Everything is hard on this hard hat cutie:)

#8) OK guys since you beat me to the punch, stay on his beautiful cock, I'm going for his sniff nip:)

#9) Looks like handsome had a "hard" day at the office!!

#10) Well that's what you get, when you have a long dong like that. A very sticky mess. Yummy!!

Thanks Koba