Saturday, November 9, 2019



Butch 57 said...

Nice way to start a long weekend with these pieces of eye candy

Bruce Jensen said...

The last photo has me panting...hairy chest and stomach, a little thicker in the nice to curl up to.

Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Wow Koba, Wonderful Weekender's here to keep me warm today on this cold November day.

#1) Looking mighty warm and cozy in that nice car of yours buddy. Why don't you let me in and let me put my hands in that hot looking "basket" of yours.

#2) Buddy you have one beautiful "treasure trail". Would you mind if I followed it down to your delicious looking cock?


#4) A long legged dude, with just a flannel on, does it for me:)

#5) I hope to be as lucky today, but hopefully it will be inside today, if outside his dick would turn into a Popsicle!! Yikes!! Ah heck, why not, I could use a mouthful of frozen yogurt:)

#6) Oh my, young and well hung!! Now I'm just waiting for Girth Brooks (the handsome porn star with the Thick dong) to come from behind that THICK tree. I have a hard on for Girth, as long as he doesn't try to stick it to me. Ah heck, stop hinting around and just ask Koba. Koba will you find us a pic of Mr. Brooks for us?

#7) Patrick is "up" to being a bad boy again!!

#8) Yes indeed, a refreshing "large" glass of water:)

#9) This compact cutie, spends some serious time in the gym.

#10) Oh yes indeed, he "cranked" a nice load out, now a little nap:)

Thanks Koba.