Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Tuesday RamiFUCKations!


bignate said...

Love the ginger cock!

Ezekiel said...

Digging that locker room three way between those hot guys. The one on far right is exceptionally yummy!

Butch 57 said...

Hot. Live the face on the guy in 3 lower himself on the cock

Bruce Jensen said...

I'm in training for Hump Day tomorrow...I started the day on my back with my legs in the air getting rammed.

Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Too funny Bruce Jensen, Nov5, at 11:28am!!!! Koba will "cum" up with great posting for you tomorrow.

Terrific Tuesday Ramifications here today Koba!!

#1) Oh yes indeed, that top knew how to pop that bottom's cork:)

#2) That cock looks nice and wet and ever so juicy!! He either already satisfied the bottom OR is about to.

#3) That young hot bottom with those large feet, and going to have a nice ride on the hobby horse:):)

#4) Tarzan boy, is putting this well dressed guy in his place. Woof!!

#5) LOL.. No time to take off the workboots when your "pucker" is itching for a man-f--k!!!!

#6) Man, I just want to be in that locker room taking in this sight and those smells:)

#7) This handsome hairy legged dude found a sweet hairy ass to put his dong in:):)

#8) Ah, seeding the seeded pumpkin. Man that, feels so good:)

#9) Hold on tight to those sheets buddy, you have a thick one trying to push through your tight "pucker"!!

#10) F--k, mission accomplished and then some. But it was so worth it, time to do the laundry anyways.

Thanks Koba

Koba said...

Thank you guys for your comments! Always appreciate the feedback!

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