Saturday, November 23, 2019



Butch 57 said...

Like to wake every morning with no 1

Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Wonderful, Weekenders here Koba!!

#1) "Yup, you guessed right, Scott called and told me he's going to smell and lick me from head to toe."

#2) "Ok guys what the deal here, you said if I showed you mind you would show yours?"

#3) Koba is he one of your sporty man-crushers? I know you have a few. I love to nibble on his sniff nip, well that's if I have you permission.

#4) Oh what a little cutie. I'd love to share that "sunbath" with him.

#5) Hey handsome, you sold me, with that smile. I shall kneel before you and give you some great head:)

#6) F--k ya, the boys enjoying a sweet "69". Quite nothing like it.

#7) Man, you could crack eggs on his ass:) Woof

#8) Oh handsome I don't know if that's in a lockeroom or bathroom, but please tell me, I think you need my services!!

#9) Poor baby, let me kiss it, and make it all better:)

#10) With those large eggs and that huge mushroom capped head, this handsome dude knows how to make the cream.

Thanks Koba

funguy said...

MAN!...that big HOT Military stud in PIC NUMBER TEN is really doing some major cum-shooting!...just LOOK AT ALL THAT!...shame I`m not there to get all THAT!...and drain his balls good for him!

funguy said...

WOW!...that HOT Military stud in the bottom pic not only has a huge very thick cock...and nice big tasty looking balls...but, just LOOK how much and how far he shoots!...OMG!...what a shame "I" couldn`t have been there to take all that for him!