Saturday, April 11, 2015

Weekend Warriors!


Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Koba, you know how to "push" my buttons and make my heart go "pitter patter".. Excellent post:)

#1) "Gentle Ben", I just want to eat you up. I get a boner every time I think of your lucky team mates that get to see you naked in the showers:):), but then again if there not "into" men, your just another dude, I Guess:(

#2) Hey Ben, I hear you do a lot of work for worthy causes, which is awewome. How about you letting us guys play with your BALLS for some worthy charity, I would donate a nice sum of cash:):)

#3) Dude that is one Big piss Boner:) let me get it down for you, so you can take a your leak:)

#4) What a handsome dude, with a great body, and I love how things are looking "up" for him:)

#5) OH my goodness, that dude is going to get his cock sucked from a dude, even if it's not his "cup of tea":)

#6) Nice piece of man-meat, with, what looks like a nice bush:)

#7) Love to watch the rugged boys play:)

#8) Hey Big Beefy Boy, why don't you get on top of me, and show me who's the boss:):)

#9) LOL... now that's a "headlock" that neither dude looks like they want to get out of:)

#10) That's what I'm going for tonight:) A Saturday Night Facial:):)

Thanks Koba... Really Great JOB.. Now I am going to grab my cum rag, and lube, and I'm joining Big Ben and his mates in the showers:)

Unknown said...

#2 looks like he knows how to handle some balls 😉
How about mine? And then I will show him my skills
#4 has my Attention for sure 👐
#9 only needs me to "Referee" 😂
All in all an Excellent post 👅

Axiom2001 said...

Looks like my weekend will be filled with lots of
hot, varying pleasure from #s 2--3--4--and--9!!!

Unknown said...

Seems like we have very similar tastes in men 👅