Saturday, April 25, 2015

Weekend Warriors!


Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Wonderful Weekend Warriors:)

#1) Time to hit the showers, you matted muscled hairy legged hunkness:)

#2) LOL.. I couldn't resist this beefy cutie either, but I don't think he's into the mushy stuff, so just get down and suck his cock, and that will put a smile on his face:)

#3) F--k ya, the feeling of a hairy leg touching mean can give me a major bone:) er:)

#4) Wow beefy male hotness at it's finest. Wow loving seeing that big paw wrapped around that nice thick cock. I bet that is one nice big mushroom capped head:)

#5) Limber me Timber.. UM, ah, I bet he has no trouble finding someone suck his cock... and if he's having an off day, he can suck himself:)

#6) Nice tats, Great body, Beautiful hairy pits:):):)

#7) OH my and very nice "guns" and he's also packing quite well:)

#8) AWESOME powerful chest, and shoulders...UMMM those are some sniff nips:):)

#9) I'd love to be relaxing with this handsome dude. But I don't know how long I could go without touching that long dong of his:)

#10) I'm with you young man, I going to get cock (s) in my mouth today:):)

#11) OH he WANTS More.. that a boy:):)

Thanks Koba

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