Thursday, April 23, 2015

Thursday Hotness!

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Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Wow Koba, you know how to push our (my) buttons, man oh man, what a Hot post:)

#1) Oh you smiling young macho man, come over to my place and we can lay on that fur together, and then I'll give you a really good reason to be smiling:):)

#2) OH you BIG BROODING BRUTE.. come into my BED, and I'll do my damn best to make you happy:)

#3) Two f--king hot:):):) yup a simple kiss, can do it for me:):)

#4) AHHHHHH, UMMMMM , AAAAAAAAAAAhhhhh, I just freaking squirted... Hey you show me a handsome hunky dude showing me his hairy pit, great chest, and tummy fur, his nice bush, uncut cock, and those beautiful hairy legs, and the sticky stuff comes right out of my cock:):):):)

#5) Since, there is already a lucky "cocksuker" getting his meal, I lick those fat balls, and get my nose in that nice tight hairy taint:)

#6) Wow, a much needed piss from this handsome dude:)

#7) F--k, let me at all three, I'll start with the limp one first, the others seem well on their way:)

#8) You got the right idea dude, grab on to that hunky hairy leg and kiss that fine man-ass. His cock seems to be telling you, you hitting all the right buttons:)

#9) Wow one nice long meat-stick, that this bearded dude is enjoying:)

#10) He can put his jock in the wash to get clean if he wants, BUT, I'll clean the head of his cock:):):)

Wow, Thanks Koba