Monday, April 20, 2015

Back to the grind!


Axiom2001 said...

#1 I'd like to "Get-Back-To-The-Grind" with both of these studs, esp. with Tim of "Tim Tales."

#4 I'll join you four and yield to each one with utmost abandonment!

#5 on my knees, too, enjoying all of this huge, man meat. As a reward both can deeply 'DP' me.

#6 Fuck my face and hole long, hard, and deeply!

#7 Give me that huge sausage on the lower left!

#8 Something to share?

Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Nice holiday post Koba (well holiday here in Massachusetts anyways, the day Paul Revere warned the colonists the British are coming, the British are coming!!

#1) Isn't nice to get clean and be "dirty" boys at the same time:)

#2) Oh my, this dude is working "all" his muscles:)

#3) This dude know how to multi-task:)

#4) Don't know why this pic is turning me on the why it is:) Um maybe my bi side kicking in:). This fine looking gentlemen are all going to bang the chick after she takes the pic:):):):) Or maybe I'm envious and want to be the chic??????

#5) Ah, that's what I need, Cock in my mouth...NOW:):)

#6) Cute dude, with sniff nips and hard cock (nice balls to), I'll take that any day:):)

#7) Oh I love to be on my knees, servicing these hot cocks:)

#8) Hey handsome you leave that locker door, like that, and we could get away with me blowing you:):)

#9) WHAT A VERY HANDSOME GUY, oh and his cock isn't bad either:)LOL

#10) OH my this hot looking dude (well he looks hot to me), looks like he just had a good time:)

Thanks Koba