Friday, April 17, 2015

Thank God it's Friday!

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Scott said...

TGIF, is right, when you have a HOT post like this...Wow, thanks Koba!!

#1) Holy F--k, If I ever see this dude in the showers, I would be sporting a major boner:) Just beautiful.

#2) Hey handsome I can make you smile even more, come into the sauna, sans the gym shorts:)

#3) Really nice body on this young man on the move:)

#4) My oh my, what a hot couple, love to watch this dudes go at it, and by the looks of it, they look ready to play:)

#5) OH yeah, I love sucking cock, and this young man looks like he does to:)

#6) Wow, that is one nice thick COCK:) I think he's going to rub one out,instead of taking a piss.

#7) Hey when you gotta up, show them.. nice muscles buddy.. Great hairy legs:)

#8) OH dude, just do it.. don't make him wait... hell his nips are already stiff:)

#9) Sweet, looks like some docking going on:)

#10) Yummy, Yummy, that juice is going to go right down to his tummy:):)

Thanks again Koba