Monday, April 6, 2015

Back to the grind or Easter Monday for some...


Axiom2001 said...

#1 your hirsuteness. Lets take it from there.

#2 "Yeah, I definitely approve!"

#3 Now that you're on your knees, feast and overdose!!

#6 I'd like to be "face fucked" by "that!" Afterwards, I'd feel it reaching my rear, inner depths.

#7 ...on my knees for "that!"

#8 Let me join you! Two are better than one!

#9, sensual, desirous!

Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Holy Easter Eggs Batman, some nice Baskets here today on EASTER MONDAY:)

#1) Please, Please, Please be at my gym today in the same position in the showers, I never get tired of seeing manly hairy pits:) Also leave your eyes closed so I can get a good look at our man-meat. I know most men have a problem with another dude checking that "part" out:(

#2) LOL.. Now that dude has no problem showing his "junk" to a "lover" of the cock:)

#3) OH yeah, enjoy that meal, even without his hands tied, I think he would enjoy the job your doing:)

#4) Oh my some interesting tats, and mysterious eyes.. Wouldn't mind you in my bed, AT ALL:)

#5) SWEET.. Boys, tugging and humping and Squirting.. oh well, boys will be boys..

#6) WOW... that well dressed man, is proud of what he's packing and he is "PACKING":)

#7) Hey cutie, I'll take care of that for you, before you go back to work:)

#8) Oh yes indeed, I can identify with an eager "cocksucker":):)

#9) LOL... hey cuties, I don't care who's wearing who's clothes, let me come over, and take care of both of you:)

#10) Ah, frosting for the "carrot cake" being made:):)

Thanks Koba

Anonymous said...

thanks for making my monday with those first 3 shots! if #1 had#2 cock and i was#3 sucking him,i'd think i died and went to heaven ;0.......fuck! i'd love to suck his nipples and arm pits on him!

Walt said...

My caption for #6:

Ok, d'ya want this job or not? If so, this is how you get it -- and keep it, on a daily basis.