Friday, April 24, 2015

Thank God it's Friday!


Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Very hot post my good friend...

#1) Wow, love to see this hottie, in the showers at my gym..SWEET

#2) OH yes, indeed, it's in his kiss.. Man, oh man do I want to fall in love.. it's been to damn long:(

#3) Now's that's my kind of "clean fun":)

#4) Oh handsome, what's the matter with jacket leather dude, if I was there, I would take "care" of you in a second:)

#5) LUCKY, Lucky "cocksucker", what a great thick cock.. Koba get him in for COTB this Sunday:):)

#6) Wow you tough handsome dude, things are differently pointed in your direction:)

#7) LMAO.. my, what a congratulatory grab that was:):)

#8) I want to get on this hairy long legged dudes balls:):)

#9) OH yes, feed that hungry "cocksucker".. he wants it BAD:):)

#10) AH... nothing like a good "nut":):)

Thanks Koba, very much

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The first guy is SO big. I love it!

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