Saturday, April 4, 2015



Anonymous said...

Scott said...

OH baby, some nice Saturday's weekenders here:)

#1) Hey hairy handsome beast you might not be awake yet, but you certainly have me "up" big time:)

#2) SWEET.. Two hairy dudes playing nice:)

#3) Oh, I think someone might have caught their "nut" int the sauna:) Ah the wonders of the male locker room and sauna:)

#4) That a boy, stay on that head, by the look of his full balls, I think he's ready to give you a protein shake:)

#5) Oh f--k, I'm loving this post today, with all this hairy dudes, with nice tummy fur, hairy legs, and nice pieces of man-meat:)

#6) What a BODY, not to mention what he's packing in those shorts:)

#7) OH yeah, boys make room for me, I want to get on my knees in the middle of the group, and take care of your "manly needs":)

#8) What man, doesn't wish he could do this????:):)

#9) Isn't it great to be a man, WE know what we like:)

#10) Nice Cock, that just made a sweet mess, and that hungry cocksucker will clean it all up:)

Thanks Koba, very hot post...hope your bf is keeping you warm during the storm:)?????

Pablow said...

Sauna boy is cute!