Saturday, December 3, 2016


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Scott from Massachusetts said...

Wonderful Weekenders post Koba!

#1) Jock cock.. Nice:)

#2) Oh yeah, don't worry, we are looking at you from "behind":)

#3) What a longed legged cutie, and might I add, one beautiful cock and balls on the young man:)

#4) Hey sexy, is there enough room for me on your cozy couch? Woof:)

#5) I have a good feeling the boys are going to get along just fine:)

#6) Oh yeah, these big bearded boys, know how to have fun:)

#7) Oh my, hope the "family jewels" survives this rough sport!! That is nice hunk of uncut cock:)

#8) Now, this dude, fills out his Calvins very well indeed. UM, what is that Phallus looking veggie on the table:):)?? LOL..

#9) Oh hairy dude, let me take care of that stiff cock of yours:)

#10) It's settled, I having a delicious chocolate eclair with my Sunday morning coffee:)

Thanks Koba