Friday, December 2, 2016

Thank God It's Friday!


Gay Nude said...

Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Great TGIF post Koba!

#1) Oh yeah, got to love them gym showers, I know I do. Always some "heavenly bodies" to explore:) Well to admire discreetly anyways!!

#2) Yes indeed, after the workout, you get the locker room reward:)

#3) That "cocksucker" has hit the jackpot, "the medium thickie", the best kind to suck, and to ride:)

#4) Sweet, young love:)

#5) I wouldn't mind one bit, sitting across this vacationing handsome spread long legged dude:)

#6) Seems like the young men, went for a nice "joyride:)

#7) Young lads enjoying each other company:)

#8) Things are looking "up" for this hairy longed legged dude:)

#9) Hey buddy, with those nice checkered boxers, invite me into your bed, so I can feel those big strong arms. I promise, I will make your other muscle grow:)

#10) Feeding time, for this hungry lad:)

Thanks Koba