Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Tuesday Ramifications...

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Scott from Massachusetts said...

Sorry for the late comments Koba, on this great Tuesday Ramifications posting!

#1) Man, I wish I was a spectator at this glorious event. Wow, what a nice beefy bottom.:)

#2) Sweet. You definitely know two men are doing the "nasty" on this bed:)

#3) Com-on young man, those full balls need to be drained. Now do as nature intended...LOL:)

#4) Now that's a slab of beef:)

#5) Wow, this hairy legged handsome dude's button is being hit:):)

#6) Oh yes, it might be winter, but these two young lads are all hot and bothered:):) They will catch their "nuts":)

#7) F--k ya, you alpha male, show that bottom bitch who's boss:):)

#8) Well you can't piss, till the boners go down, so what better way to help out your friends:):)

#9) I'd like to follow his nice "treasure trail" down to his stretched golden nuggets:)

#10) That's one way to clean up the sticky mess, that's going to be left in that bottoms's hairy hole.:)

Thanks Koba