Friday, December 30, 2016

Thank God it's Friday!


Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Koba, unless I'm extremely horny than usual this afternoon, I must say you have outdone yourself with this TGIF posting!!!!!!

#1) There we go guys, the old style gang showers, (the type at my gym) gotta love them, if you like to look discreetly at the hot guys and then again, you have the ones that DON"T mind if you look:)

#2) My future husband, but first I have to ask him out on a date..LMAO, I don't think I could even talk to this alpha dude without saying something ridiculous. But most, NOT all, will always take a complement on there nice "guns":):) Wow, and that smile, those eyes!!

#3) Oh my someone's ready for some action:):)

#4) Did this cute cocksucker, just hit the lottery or what??? Look at that piece of thick man-meat:):)

#5) Too Damn funny.. I had to look twice.. Those are some strong toes, tweaking those perky small nips:):):):) He's loving it, I swear he's saying "do it harder"...:):)

#6) Dark and pensive mood, but get him going, and I bet he'll give you the f--k of your life:)

#7) Oh in a NY second, would I love to crawl between those hairy long legs, and lick those goose eggs and then suck that cock to life:)

#8) Isn't that a beautiful uncut cock, and those hairy legs..WOOF

#9) I'd love, part of that jacket wrapped around me to:):) Cuties, with nice cocks:)

#10) It would be my pleasure to do the cleanup work here:):)

Thanks Koba

Anonymous said...

I'd blow each of the cuties posted here and swallow their loads, then do the same to the guy who commented 12/30/16 @ 4:50 PM. Yeah, I'd eat his cum. Wish I could post some type of means to get back to me 'cause I'm a super horny dude.

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