Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Happy Hump Day!


Bill NYC said...

#5: Oh, my.

Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Wow, great Hump Day posting Koba!

#1) Man, I wish I was that dude admiring his beautiful"treasure trail".

#2) Ca-ching, that is one glorious GH:)

#3) I like to follow his sandy footprints, then get on my knees and service that wonderful slab of man-meat:)

#4) Some dudes can wear long hair and look great, AND this dude is one of them. Heck he has everything working for him.. Woof, look at those nice hairy thighs:)

#5) You don't get a great chest and abs like that, sitting around eating bon bons all day. This dude spends some serious time at the gym!!

#6) Now that's how you jerk you cock. He'll be spewing the sticky sauce on that glorious "treasure trail" very soon:)

#7) Dudes in workboots busting a nut.. Hot very masculine.. while he feasting on that cock, I'd love to that cocksuckers ass out:):):):)

#8) Fine rump, and what I can see, a very nice bush:)

#9) Oh handsome, you have the perfect cock, the infamous "medium thickie":)

#10) Oh buddy, I feel for ya. Many a times when I'm horny for a facial, I got more that I bargain for... a hot shot, right in the eye:(.. but I still love them..

Thanks Koba