Thursday, December 15, 2016

Thursday Hotness!


Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Wow, Just what I need on this very windy, cold snowy night in New England, some Thursday Hotness!!!! I better hurry before the electricity goes out:(

#1) Dark mysterious hairy dude, man could I use you tonight to keep me warm and safe:)

#2) Boy, this tattooed young man, fills out his jock type briefs very well:)

#3) One tight hand on his cock, two fingers up his hole, hitting his button, that should have that nice mushroom capped head, spewing warm sticky liquid in no time:)

#4) Woof, love to share a drink with this dude:)

#5) The young man, will be much more relaxed, once his well oiled cock is taken care of..LOL.. Those lucky bastards that have to get the job done:)

#6) Ah, that's what I need, a nice warm hairy hole to bury my nose into tonight:):)

#7) I love watching men sharing a delicious meal:)

#8) Oh buddy boy, I would lick and smell All your hairy body parts:)

#9) That a boy, get a good whiff, you be cumming in no time.

#10) OMG.. Even before I clean that cock, I want to bury my nose in that beautiful "treasure trail", and feel those big strong hairy legs.. WOOF...

Koba, thanks for keeping me warm, with these HOT pics:):) Don't have time to spell check, lights might go out, and I need to crank a nut out.

Koba said...

I hear ya, Scott! It's extremely cold and windy here, too! Stay warm!