Thursday, June 9, 2016

Thursday Hotness!

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Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Terrific Thursday post Koba!

#1) Holy beach bums Batman, I need a comfy pillow like that:)

#2) Someone's very happy on this beautiful spring day:)

#3) OH yeah got the right ideal young man, work you way down to the golden goose:)

#4) Heck, a pit shot, a beautiful "treasure trail", and a fine piece of meat, that definitely makes for a fine pic:)

#5) Getting clean and getting head, can life get any better?:):)

#6) Woof.. what a handsome dude. OH buddy you can make a muscle for me anytime:) Love your full deep hairy pit, tummy fur, and those nice loose balls of yours. Love to get my lips around your cock!!

#7) OH, what I would love to do to you, well you get your beauty sleep:)

#8) Man, is that a sweet piece of dark meat:) YUMMY...

#9) Guys don't move one bit, I'm coming to take care of ya. Yup I suck those cocks dry, and make those balls dance:)

#10) Now this dude, GOT MILK:):):):):) IT DOES A BODY GOOD:)

Thanks Koba