Monday, June 20, 2016

Back to the grind...

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Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Magnificent Monday post Koba! (btw, officially at 6:43 pm began the first day of Summer:)

#1) Handsome dude, with a great body, and one beautiful uncut cock:)

#2) NO matter how many times I see this pic, it always turns me on. UM maybe it's him, maybe becasue it's in a locker room, or MAYBE it's both. Very manly, and boy does he full that jock out, mighty well:) Now come into the showers, I want to see you totally bare-assed. Hey Koba how about some gang-shower pics????:):):)

#3) Nice chest and wow, am I hungry for his meat:) Really nice cock and balls:)

#4) Yes, indeed, love how this cocksucker is spending his "coffee break":)

#5) Woof, big strong hands, making sure that "cocksucker" stays right on his thick cock, till the shoots his "nut":)

#6) Now that is some fine tummy fur, and one long thick "treasure trail":)

#7) WE DO LOVE SUCKING COCK, I take to sucking cock, like a duck takes to water:)

#8) OH you Alpha male you, you can show off your tats and muscles, for me anytime:)

#9) Nice thick hairy legs, nice uncut cock, and a big "nut" sac:)

#10) If he's your boss, and you keep licking like that, your definitely going to get a raise:)

Thanks Koba