Monday, June 27, 2016

Back to the grind...

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Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Wow, these handsome suited gentlemen really make for a great back to the grind posting Koba:)

#1) Wow, one well dressed man with a long dong:)

#2) That a boy, let him out to breathe and take in the sights:)

#3) Oh yes indeed, I think these two are going to get along just fine:)

#4) Woof, I love to take care of you, and I promise, not a drop will spill on your nice suit pants:)

#5) Man, would I like to get between your hairy thighs and slurp on your cock:)

#6) Oh my, someone is going to have to bring his suit to the cleaners, with a tight hand like that, the "penis puke" will be flying everywhere:)

#7) Very handsome gentleman with a nice cock:)

#8) Doesn't it make your mouth water:):):) YUMMY

#9) Great legs handsome, and nice cock and balls:)

#10) Holy cum bath Batman, that hairy chest dude will have to bring his suit to the cleaners:)

Thanks Koba