Friday, June 10, 2016

Thank God it's Friday!

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Scott said...

Fantastic Friday post Koba!

#1) Oh yeah, I do it all the time in the gym showers, his back is to you, you can look at his ass, to your hearts content. Might I add, great cocks and balls on both these shower dudes:)

#2) Man, how do dudes get abs like that? Now that his workout is over, his dong is seeking relieve in the sauna or the showers:):)

#3) OH that young man with the thick cock is enjoying the services of a eager "cocksucker":)

#4) Woof, that is one nice yummy rump roast, dude in the heat of the moment, slip a hand down and grab one of his beefy cheeks. You never know he might like it, and give you a little show in the locker room:)

#5) OH handsome, wrap those hairy strong legs around my neck, while I suck a "nut" out of you:)

#6) Sweet lips around a thick mushroom head, that's one lucky "cocksucker". He buddy while you feasting can I nibble on your stiff nip:)

#7) OH young man, with the nice chest and "treasure trail", let's take a dip in the pool and then let's play:)

#8) Dude you just keep playing your guitar, while I get in between those beautiful hairy legs of yours to get on that fine stiff dick:)

#9) Would I love to stumble upon this fine male specimen on my walk tomorrow, I hope he's into men, because I want to feel those big strong hairy legs of his. Wouldn't mind one bit, if he let me take a look in that "package" of his:):):)

#10) Yes, F--king hot, I jerked a dude off this afternoon, just like this dude is doing, and I was rewarded with 5 good spurts of white gooey cream. I like to use regular Vaseline, messy, but dudes go freaking "nuts":) And I love the squishy noise it makes:):):):)

Thanks Koba