Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Happy Hump Day!


Anonymous said...

I'm in love - who's the daddy in pic no. 8?

Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Great Hump Day post Koba!

#1) Someone's very "happy" because its Hump Day:)

#2) Wow, would I love to see him in my gym's locker room:)

#3) Woof, dark mysterious eyes, beautiful "treasure trail", nice hairy legs, perky little nips. Oh and one nice cock and balls:)

#4) PLEASE, handsome ginger, just pull the jean's down a little further, you big tease you. Great bush:)

#5) Two cocks, Two words: LUCKY BASTARD:)

#6) OMG, handsome dude, with a slithering python.:):):) Man could I go for a chocolate covered BANANA, right about now:):)

#7) Young man, come over to my place, I think you have something that needs tending to:)

#8) F--k me hard, (and I don't bottom that often), but everything about this dude is HOT:) Love his strong legs.

#9) Ah the joy of being guy, to love sucking cock:)

#10) A true "cocksuckers" intention, to get rewarded with the man-goo:):)

Thanks Koba