Saturday, October 3, 2015


Hey guys! Hope you have a great weekend! I'm taking a mini fall vacation and won't be posting for the next couple of days. Regular programing will resume sometime Tuesday afternoon. Cheers!


Otter said...

I wanna rim #3 and then have him fuck me raw

roger said...

Ahhh, but #7 is a bigger hunk of man and that thick cock of his is also uncut. I would like to take that in both holes.

Anonymous said...

DAMN, Koba, u deserve a bit of vacation bu u'r leaving us without a Cock of the Block contest this week.

Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Koba, my friend, you deserve a vacation, after giving us great posts day after day. Enjoy:)

#1) Oh you jock you, I'd take a "pass" from you anyday:)

#2) Woof, great hairy legs, beautiful "treasure trail.. "Guys do make passes at guys that wear glasses":):)

#3) F--k, I need to be hosed down, looking at this stud pic:):) That cock is a beauty:)

#4) Oh my I'd love to play "paddy cake" with this jock:)

#5) Lucky bastard, that is one fine piece of man-meat your feasting on:)

#6) Now, that dude is "packing":):)

#7) Wow, my kind of guy.. some meat on his bones and a thick cock...Woof, Woof, Woof.. hell another Woof:):)

#8) Oh buddy boy, just don't stare at it... get on it.. I promise it will get hard:):)

#9) Oh my, with a cock like that, I doubt if this guy EVER gets blue balls:):) That is one nice hanging sausage:):)

#10) Ahhhh, buns being buttered my two nice slabs of meat:):)

Thanks Koba... Enjoy your vacation.

Axiom2001 said...

#1 After a little toss of the ball, I'll strip him and jersey and helmet and furiously "pleasure" that uncut piece of meat that's dangling between his smooth legs.

#3 I like that handsome, hard, heavily hung, hirsute man.

$5 What a "TREAT" to behold!

#6 "Strip!" "I want to blow and rim you!!"

#8 Let's have a torrid 3some!

#9 I want "that" uncut piece of gorgeous meat big time!

#10 "Care for a hot rim job before being royally fucked?"

hot guy with abs said...

It was quite nice, thanks. This tho, this made my weekend even better!