Monday, October 12, 2015

Holiday Monday!

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Scott said...

Happy Thanksgiving Koba, enjoy, family, food, and relaxation!! Great post, for that I'm thankful today:):)

#1) Hey sunshine, you have every reason to be smiling. I smiling just looking at you:)

#2) Oh yes indeed, the tattooed boys are going to have some fun:)

#3) Wow, would I love to be on that hairy pitted dudes balls, while the "cocksucker" is enjoy the stud's man-meat:)

#4) Now that's the kind of "THANKSGIVING GATHERING", I'd like to be invited to:)

#5) Wouldn't mind one bit spending this Columbus Day with this fine looking lad.. Nice man-feet:):)

#6) I'm with you buddy (the guy in back getting a good look of the
jocks fine ass).. A pretty sight indeed, to bad though he's wearing underwear..LOL...:)

#7) Heck, I would love to feel that hairy chest, and that beautiful tummy fur:)

#8) Man, oh man, I want to be on that beach exercising with these Big Boys:(

#9) Lickity Split, I think, very soon, they will be licking something else:)

#10) Sweet, a friend, just finishing helping his buddy get "milked". Nice little sniff nip on the dude to:):):)

Thanks Koba