Saturday, October 17, 2015

Weekend Warriors!

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Scott said...

Great Weekend Warriors Koba!!!

#1) Love it...LOL... Most guys are happy to gaze at their "growing" cocks:):)

#2) Ah, jock buddies.. don't you just love them... I hope they get to "love" each other after the game.. ah heck maybe a discreet blow job in the locker room will do the trick:)

#3) OH buddy, I would be looking at his ass to:):)

#4) F--k, I want my nose in that funky pit.. I'm so horny right now:):)

#5) OH my, someone wanted to come out and take in the view:):)

#6) Oh yes, beefy tattooed dude, with the awesome chest and arms is hungry for COCK and the feel of some warm man-pussy:):)

#7) Wow, powerful legs "up" for some action:):)

#8) Oh young man, maybe you don't mean to be showing off.. but hell I'm LOOKING:):):) Woof, Woof...

#9) I think you need a nice foot massage, Mr, Jock:):)

#10) That's what I'm going to be "shooting" for, as soon as I'm finished with my comments... I need a Saturday night facial, really bad:):)

Thanks Koba