Friday, October 9, 2015

Thank God it's Friday!


Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Fantastic Friday post Koba!!

#1) Please, Please, never do away with this old style "gang showers" (unfortunately, many gyms are) they certainly keep me going back to my gym.. After a hard workout there's nothing like some nice "eyecandy" in the showers:)

#2) Oh my, another happy "candidate" in the locker room:) Hey come into the sauna the boys want to see those fine abs of yours and that "happy" cock:):)

#3) Hey Big Boy, with the awesome just and those big "guns" don't hide your "weapon" we are sure it's a Beauty to Behold:):)

#4) I guess you have to be really thirsty for that "warm liquid".

#5) My goodness, what do I attack first, those funky pits or those large sized man-nips:):)

#6) Hell yes, I'd be smiling to if I had that "cocksuker" on my meat:)

#7) Ah.. relieve, draining the vein:)

#8) Sweet nectar of the gods:):)

#9) LOL... hell we just want to make sure it's still there... Even though he gets us into all sorts of trouble, we love our cocks:):)

#10) Nice, someone had a good time, if he has "boybatter" on him:):)

Thanks Koba.... Hey Koba it's a dark gloomy day with some rain here in Mass... how about a "caption this photo" for us:):) Thanks

Koba said...

Your wish is my command, Scott! :)