Friday, October 30, 2015

Thank God it's Friday!


uncle barry said...

#1 Friends that shower together get "Squeeky Clean "😆
#6 "Safety First " Manscaping second 😂

Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Fantastic Friday post Koba!!!

#1) Oh my I think this clean couple want to hook up with another clean couple and get down and "dirty"..LOL:)

#2) Oh boy would I love to take a bath with this dirty work boot smiling dude.. I would wash his back anytime, among est other parts of his lovely body, especially his fine piece of dude meat:):)

#3) We believe you dude, those are some fine looking balls:):)

#4) Hell when he starts jogging, that middle muscle, will be going to and fro with balls bouncing up and down:):):)

#5) Wow that is one lucky "cocksucker", just remember, lick those loose balls...

#6) If I was helping this young jock to get dressed, it would be hard for me to resist to not tweak that sweet pointy nip:)

#7) F--k, let me at him.. Red looks very good on him, and I bet even better off...

#8) It's a win- win situation for everyone here... Sucking and getting Sucked:):):):)

#9) Ah sweet nectar of the gods:) It tastes like honey.. Literally I sucked a young man off yesterday and his pre, tasted like honey:):)

#10) It's settled, I'm having a chocolate eclair with my morning coffee tomorrow:)

Thanks Koba

Eric said...

Love the German runner stretching. Beautiful foreskin on a handsome, built stud. Mmmm.

Tommy said...

There's something about that sweaty #2 that makes me totally pussy, to kneel before hime, inhale the rank aroma of his crotch, lick his balls, and suck his cock to get a load of his fertile cum.

Hot guys blog said...

Yes... :) Love the 1st pic.
Happy Halloween!!