Saturday, November 15, 2014



Axiom2001 said...

Before this weekend concludes, I'm eagerly on my knees for #s 3, 4, 5, and 6! Guess you'd call it a huge, huge OVERDOSE!!!

Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Love your Weekend Warriors Koba:)

#1) Milk, it makes "gingerbread man" go down nice and smooth.:)

#2) GEEZ, I must have a foot fetish, if I want to get on his big toe first, before I get between this hairy legs and get at his uncut meat:)

#3) While you check your messages hairy handsome stud, can I swing on that bat of yours:)

#4) Wow, someone is SHOWING his stripes today:):)

#5) I love to see the Boys sharing a good meal:)

#6) LUCKY BASTARD:):) I want all those and more tonight, yes, I am the lover of the man-meat and eager to please:) Just not lifting my legs for them, I send them over to Stan.. Love you buddy:)

#7) That a boy, a cock in one hand another in his mouth. He Loves cock. Buddy want to join me in finding TOM, DICK and Harry tonight?

#8) OH my, what would I lick first??? UM, AH, UM, has to be that hairy hole, and then those loose fat balls:)

#9) Now the Fat balls first and then his hairy hole:)

#10) Yes, and after I'm done sucking cock, I better be rewarded with the "boy batter":)

Thanks Koba

Stan said...

Number three for me! Please! Pretty Please?

Hot guys pictures said...

OMG, the guy who's driving... :p