Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tuesday RamiFUCKations!


Anonymous said...

#3 that is never going to fit. Yikes.

Anonymous said...

SO glad I now have a phone that will let me view gifs in all their glory!!!
Btw: #10?... Lucky fuckin bastard!!! 😜

Anonymous said...

Scott siad...

AH, some fine thick man meat getting inside some fine warm man-pussy..

#1) Love this little gem.. Hey when two dudes are in heat they will go at it anywhere. Kind of feel bad for the bottom bitch, trying to catch his nut, and being worried someone
might come along at the some time:)

#2) That's a mighty fine satisfied young man that just busted his nut. That top worked him will with that fine piece of meat up his "pucker":)

#3) Holy Sish Ka Bob, I think this dudes baloney weighs more than the young man.. OUCH:(

#4,5) It's a done deal.. SWEET.. Their both happy, the bottom bitch got his hole tweaked, and the top got his nut:)

#6) Well the bottom is being stuffed with that thick sausage, I would love to have my mouth on the bottom's thick curved cock:)

#7) Bad, Bad boys you have to love them:)

#8) If you can have the eyes of wonderment like that, with that thick cock up your "pucker" your a true bottom:)

#9) What a pretty picture.. nice humpample hairy butt, with a fine top:)

#10) Wow, glad every dude can't suck their own cock, I wouldn't be a happy camper(: I wonder if he swallows:)

Thanks Koba, hot post... We are expected up to a foot of snow tomorrow here in Upper Mass..

Stan said...

Love the 1st one and #7 fucking with some of their clothes still on is hot!

Axiom2001 said...

Everyone of these scenarios is "scalding!"

Koba said...

Thanks guys! I ALWAYS appreciate your feedback!

uncle barry said...

#1 "Just another Romp (rump) in the Park
#9 Can I do some body worship while he fucks me?
#10 I would Never Leave Home