Friday, November 28, 2014

Thank God it's Friday!


Stan said...

Damn! That lucky pig who found that glory hole!

Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Wow, Koba, that snowstorm really got to you, ha? One HOT post buddy.

#1) "What's that Big Boy, you want me to join you, and then you'll take your shorts off"?

#2) F--k, would I love to unbutton that last one, and have that thick cock pop about sweet, that is one fine "treasure trail":):) Hell nice manly tat,
and nice arms!!

#3) OOPS, I just shot my wad:( now how am I going to comment on the other's now. Well a guy has to do what a guy has to do, so moving forward:)

#4) After you take your tubby, bring that FAT uncut cock over my place, I can get it all sticky and gooey again:)

#5) WTF. I think he got more than he bargain for:):)) AWESOME

#6) Young man, don't wait for permission, if he has his cock dangling in front of your handsome face. GO FOR IT:) AND DON'T FORGET HIS BALLS:):)

#7) Oh yeah, have to love the Gh, you just get on your knees and wait, and don't your worry your pretty heads off, Cocks will always "cum" thru:):)

#8) First a kiss on the lips, then a feel of his arm, then a sniff of the pit, and then I take his cock out, I'm hungry:)

#9) OH my, what a chest, and nice pouch, hey turn around and come back to bed, I'll tongue you sweet ass again:)

#10) That a boy, now that should do you for at least, um, ah, um, an hour or so:)

Thanks Koba