Monday, November 17, 2014

Back to the grind...


Anonymous said...

Scott said...

I would love to bump and grind with these fine dudes

#1) Nice, someone's "happy" to be taking a shower:)

#2) Wow, awesome chest and arms, and he fills those red shorts out very nice:)

#3) While he's on a break, love to get on his cock and balls, and get my tongue near his hairy taint:)

#4) F--k, that "cocksucker" is enjoying one fine piece of man- meat, and his finger must be happy up that muscled tattooed dudes tight man-pussy:)

#5) Now that's what I call the "main squeeze":):) Nice little (well not so GIF

#6) I'll go out on a limb, and say 95% percent of dudes (be it bi, gay or straight) will be surfing porn today:):) This dude likes what he's watching:):)

#7) Oh yes, after a workout, a nice BJ feels great:)

#8) Um, need any help with that hefty piece of meat:)

#9) Wow, now that's a nice dollop of the sweet nectar of the gods:)

#10) Ah, nothing quite like getting a "man-made" facial:)

Thanks Koba

karl said...

Amazing men...just amazing I cant possibly choose between them all!

Axiom2001 said...

I'd definitely like to get 'BACK TO THE GRIND" with
studs #'d 1---2---4---5 [mighty, mighty piece of meat], 6---&---8!!! WHOA! WHOA!!!

Stan said...

I'll bet #2 has a lot to grind with under those red shorts.