Monday, November 10, 2014

Back to the grind (or a holiday Monday)!

I'm taking today off (going to go back to bed, I think), and tomorrow is a holiday here in Canada, so I'm enjoying a nice 4-day weekend! Here's some eye candy for us all!


Ray's Cowboy said...

I am hoping either 2 or 10 is you Koba... I also love 4 and 6..

Have a Great Holiday My Friend. Enjoys Your Days.


Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Enjoy your extra long weekend Koba. Um, ah, make your bedtime "productive":)

#1) Hey buddy get your hands off your butt cheeks and give you friend a pit sniff test, I think he's waiting. What's wrong with you?..LOL":)

#2) I wouldn't mind having my hand in that "cookie jar":):)

#3) Nice body on this well dressed man:) Oh and I almost didn't even notice his cock was out of his pants (Yeah right Scott)!!!:):):):)

#4) Love this dudes nice chest and body, and love that cock and loose balls:)

#5) Wow, Lucky Bastard that gets to work on that slab that came thru that Gh:)

#6) Hell ya, gym today for me:) I'm in the mood to see cock, balls, hairy legs, chest, pits, butts, I love it all:)

#7) Nice, grab your cock and "crank" out a nut:)

#8) How is this Canadian Cutie Cocksucker????? What a fine meal he is about to have:)

#9) Oh my this dude with the nice body made a fine sticky mess in his underwear:) Oh well time to do the laundry anyways.

#10) Wow.. that was some nut this dude just unleashed. He should be good for at least 2 hours (Well that's if he's a horndog like me):):)

Thanks Koba

Stan said...

He's lucky to have found that glory hole #5.