Saturday, June 13, 2020



uptonking said...

That curly-headed blonde... that is one of the most creative selfies I have ever seen. But for me... #2. Grrr. Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Wonderful Weekenders here Koba!!

#1) Hey handsome with the mighty powerful hairy chest, your looking good as always. Loving the "pipes" on ya, and man that is one beautiful "treasure trail"!!

#2) Something about a bald guy and then being hairy in all the other manly places, gets my cock moving in my boxers. What are you doing tonight? I was thinking, want to get together so I can see if you also have a hairy ass? I'll make it your worthwhile handsome.

#3) I'd love to stumble upon this long donged get together in the woods. You can all circle around me, and all of you would go home very happy.

#4) I'm with you buddy, I want cock(s) in my mouth today. Oh he's enjoying what your doing, those legs will remain spread till he gives you his "nut"!!

#5) That a boy, just enough room for me to get at that nice uncut cock. You are going to let me have a go at it, right?

#6) Hey blue eyed cutie, too darn funny. Boys just want to have fun!!!

#7) If I do need rescuing this Summer, I WANT this cutie to save me. Oh and I will definitely show him my appreciation. I like what I see in the middle of his life preserver.

#8) "Scott finally wins the trophy for being the teams best cocksucker."

#9) Hey showoff, I'll go for a bike ride with you anytime. Then you can "ride" me!!!

#10) There it is guys, the pic of the day. The perfect cock: MEDIUM THICK, with a nice set of loose balls. Speaking about balls, I'm going to tug at mine, looking at this pic!!

Thanks Koba.

Bruce Jensen said...

Uptonking is right.....#2...GRRR