Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Tuesday Ramifications


uptonking said...

#3 looks like my kind of happy meal, but I would love to squeeze #4 into my 'schedule'.

Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Wow, Terrific Tuesday Ramifications posting Koba!!

#1) His hairy legs spread up in the air, this bottom bitch wants his pucker poked "butt" good. That top will indeed get the job done.

#2) What a great hairy chest and tummy fur:)

#3) Wow, love to smell ALL his manly hairy body parts, and this handsome dude has many of them. Woof!!!!

#4) Holy lubed up python Batman, is it going to fit in that tight spot? Wow loved to be licking his balls while he grinds into that beautiful ass!!

#5) I'm with the shorter women trying to get a gander of this handsome long haired cutie. All the others are distracted by something else. Hey buddy after this sporting event, do you want to play another kind of game?

#6) Oh you handsome otter, why so gloom? You know I'm coming over to take care of you. How can anyone resist those spread hairy legs of yours. Not to mention that beautiful cock and those large balls.

#7) Hog heaven for this horny dudes!!

#8) That a boy you keep sucking, I'm going to tongue his tight hole and lick his balls.

#9) OH my, double dipped!! I barely take one sometimes. Though I'd love to be there, and licking some balls, might be hard though with all this banging going on!!

#10) The "nut" has been made, now time for a nap!!

Thanks Koba

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