Monday, June 15, 2020

Back to the grind...


Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Great BTTG posting Koba!!

#1) Hey you big bicep alpha, you give me that kind of signal in the locker room, I'll drag you into the sauna and suck your cock, you won't know what hit you. Unfortunately it won't be today, gym STILL f--king closed. Sorry to rant, just getting so frustrating. But I know it's for the safety of all.

#2) Oh buddy, nice hairy chest, and my my, would I love to get on that nice wet sniff nip. Woof!!

#3) Now this well dress man is in a dilemma, should be working but "it" wants to play "hard"!!!

#4) Boys can I join in, please, or just watch????

#5) That a boy, doing exactly what I said. So when you done with your workout, your coming over my place. NO going home to shower!! We can shower after we're done getting off.

#6) Ah, thats what I love about the "no pants party", everyone just grabbing for cock. The get together's should be starting up again soon.

#7) Wow, you take your workouts seriously, saw you in the locker room now in your garage. No wonder you have a great body, loving your bi's and tri's!! Can I come over and workout with you? I wouldn't mind sniffing and tasting you after our workouts.

#8) F--k ya, you can zone out, while I get underneath and make those nuts do some ball room dancing. Man, that is one nice set.

#9) I love otter's and I love otter's cocks. Just like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, they taste great together.

#10) Sorry young man, but LMAO.. Someone was not quite prepared to taste the man goo, quite yet. It's an acquired taste, and you WILL get used to it. You might even become a cum whore and LOVE it.

Thanks Koba.

uptonking said...

Love the dude working out in plywood hell. Very sexy. And his choice of workout gear... excellent. Also like office boy in the chair. Thanks. Have a great one.