Monday, June 22, 2020

Back to the grind...


Mick said...

Nice start of the week. Nothing like nice hard cocks to get your morning mood “up and going”

Hot guys said...

Locker room (1st pic) > > >

uptonking said...

Love the furry monster in pic five. That would have me on my knees in a second. Eh. Who am I kidding... it doesn't take much to get me on my knees :p

Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Great "BTTG" posting Koba!!!

#1) Mercy me, I miss heavenly sights like this in the locker room. I'm with uptonking 11:39 Am, when cock is offered I'm on my knees in no time. Now if we could get away with it, I'd give this little cutie a sweet BJ and lick those delicious hairy balls right where he's standing.

#2) I'll try to make this short. One place I worked at had a gym. In the locker room we had shower stalls with an opening at the bottom. Just enough room, for me and a co-worker to get our nut off. Me whacking my meat, while I was sucking his cock. With the water running and being as quite as we could be, it can be done. Yes we workout first. Work then pleasure.

#3) Wow, this well dressed young man, needs relief, before he goes back to work. Well I'm up for the challenge. Man, nature was VERY good to you. THICK COCK, and FAT BALLS!!

#4) Oh yeah, I don't think he minds at all, that you taking a sneaky pee peek. Your get together after work, and have a great time.

#5) This young man, just hit the JACKPOT. Sucking a nice cock on a burly man. Woof!!!

#6) Oh handsome, I could get the whole job done in 10 minutes. Take off your bathing suit. I'm going to lick you from head to toe, AND get a "nut" out of you.

#7) Woof, big boy, time for a break. Yes leave your work boots on, and put those man legs over my shoulders. If your not into man to man play, Can I just watch from below, the view is spectacular.!!

#8) That's it cutie, rub one out, it will make the workday less stressful.

#9) Yes that's my home address. So after work come over, don't shower. Take everything off except your jock, and let's see what sweaty hairy man parts I can take care off for you.

#10) OH young man, you NEEDED that bad. Wish I was there to clean up that spongy cock head!!!

Thanks Koba