Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Tuesday Ramifications


uptonking said...

That hunky trio with the beards... hot, hot, hot. And that last shot? Right on target. I can feel that hole stretching. Great stuff.

Anonymous said...

#1 is so fucking hot.

Unknown said...

Love number 1 so sexy watching guys finger there hole

Michehot said...

Hot stuff here!

Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Wow, one terrific Tuesday Ramifications posting Koba!! I scrolled up and down real fast, and I already have a boner just looking at pic #10. Hopefully I'll be able to continue my comments. LOL, but true!!

#1) Oh my, this alpha male couldn't wait for a buddy to tickle his "pucker", so he's going to get the job done himself!!

#2) Love watching a hairy connection going down. Wouldn't mind being there, licking their bouncing balls!!

#3) F--k ya, beefy cutie, enjoy that hobby horse ride. Love to be there trying to suck your thick cock.

#4) Cowboys need loving too!!! Giddy up!!!

#5) That's all I need to see to make my hand go down to my cock and give it a little tug!! Woof!! Yup, his uncut cock head, some hairy legs and man feet, does it for me.

#6) Love seeing the BIG BOYS taking it up their hairy beefy butts while being fed a thick piece of meat!! Look at that big tattooed arms.

#7) While his being plowed, I wouldn't mind licking all his hairy places. What a great "treasure trail."

#8) Oh yeah, don't let his facial expression fool you, this little cutie is loving it. A hard cock never lies.

#9) OH my, if the top is humping away to fast, love to get my tongue in his hole, while I play with his cream filled nuts.

#10) Man, have I jerked off to this pic many a time Koba. Seeing that bull ramming his cock in the hole of that eager bottom. So bottom, keep those legs up in the air, because you not going anywhere till his balls are drained.

Thanks Koba.