Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Tuesday Ramifications


uptonking said...

#2 offers a pleasant surprise. Kind of like a 3-D movie!

lftcsterik9 said...

I agree #2 is masculine perfection but it is #6 with the perfect couple having sex by a couple of the most beautiful men on the planet that really defines Ramification Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Terrific Tuesday Ramifications here today Koba!!

#1) That's right hang on, your going for one heck of a ride. That top has it deep in your "pucker"!!

#2) Well, since your offering I"ll suck that very nice long dong of yours.

#3) "Holy Ball Buster Batman, I'll be back in an hour!!!" Wow, imagine hearing those cannon balls slapping against an eager beaver bottom's butt. Yes alot of "B"'s, including his great biceps.

#4) Boys will be boys, when their horny, they will go at, ANYWHERE!!

#5) "Scott caught again on his knees, and ready to please."

#6) Now this cocksucker is getting right down to business!! Lucky bastard.

#7) Oh buddy, your're not going anywhere till you take care of your morning wood. What, will I come over and do the job? Like you really had to ask. Heck let me ask you something. Can I do you from toe to head?

#8) That is one mighty powerful dude. I wonder if he would let me nibble on his beautiful perky nips?!!!

#9) While this bottom is getting double dipped, I'd love to get on the tops hot balls.

#10) That a boy, now take a breather and get out the door.

Thanks Koba

Koba said...

Thanks guys!