Monday, June 29, 2020

Back to the grind...


Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Great BTTG posting Koba!!

#1) Oh yeah, someone see's someone or something that interests him in the locker room.

#2) YES, now that's the kind of locker room I would like to be in. Just relaxing and taking in all the heavenly sights without any scolding from the prudes. I could deal with the "look but don't touch policy".

#3) Now this little smiling workboot cutie, needs a cocksucker to come along before his break is over.

#4) Indeed show me your muscles. Nice arms handsome.

#5) Oh buddy, you always make my cock twitch when Koba posts your pic. You just have that very masculine look. Love the way you lounge around you apt. Though I don't know if I could control myself from getting between those nice hairy spread legs and get on that cock and balls of yours. Ok, here goes, would you mind if I gave you head?

#6) Now that's a stiff, oops I meant stick shift, I wouldn't mind driving!!

#7) What a handsome well dressed young man, with a very nice basket.

#8) Now this dude, knows how to enjoy a cock break. After you get his cream, admire his beautiful "treasure trail".

#9) Your attitude will be much better, once I give you a sweet BJ. Also the rest of your workday will go much faster.

#10) Wow, I'll come back to this little gem a few time today. Great chest, with awesome perky man nips.

#11) I'm coming to ya buddy, going to pull the shorts down all the way, and get between those nice hairy legs and get on your cock.

#12) F--k, ya, I got a Birthday facial yesterday. Buddy you earn that fantastic facial.

Thanks Koba, great job.

uptonking said...

Love hard hats and that cute dude showing his undies in the garage. Also, love public restroom selfies! Hot stuff.

Anonymous said...

Would love to handle the stiff shift on #6!