Saturday, April 25, 2020



mike said...

Should have saved #7, for tomorrow's, "cock of the block"

Anonymous said...

I would gladly spend my weekend with the last one...No need for any additional meals!

Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Wow, Wonderful Weekenders here Koba!!

#1) Ah chucks, would I love to be spending a leisurely Saturday morning with this big boy leopard, enjoying a nice protein shake. Very interesting apt, that I would like to explore.!!

#2) Well, boys will be boys, always comparing something!!

#3) Oh cutie, very nice "treasure trail" leading to your man bush, cock and balls.

#4) We do love cock in our mouths!!:)

#5) Can't wait for warmer weather, and seeing hot sights like this.

#6) Oh handsome, that's plenty of room, for me to get where I want to go. You enjoy your cup of coffee, I have a JOB to do.!!!!:)

#7) Are you kidding me. Some dudes have all the luck. I don't even know if I have half of that:( I'd just love to have it for one day, and be walking to the showers with is swinging to and fro.

#8) OH Big boy Girth, going to get his THICK cock sucked again, and make his buddy take that up the "pucker"!!:) I almost pissed my pants when Girth kissed a dude in a vid. I think either he got carried away or they told him to do it.

#9) Two horny service dudes that need to get a warm nut out of their hot balls.!!!:)

#10) Love to have been laying next to this long legged hairy dude, while he cranked that nut out!! Woof!!

Thanks Koba

Koba said...

Thanks guys!

Brian Bulkley said...

I had a book back in 1973 or so that was titled as a "study" on homosexuality but was basically a way to sell porn in a time where it was too dangerous to do so. There were chapters focusing on different sexual aspects of being gay with photos that "represented" the theme of each chapter, such as kinks, masculine/feminine, how gays meet, sexual habits, etc. It was so hot at the time!

Picture #4 was in that book and after all these years it's kind of awesome to see it for the first time again. The 2 guys in the picture were interspersed throughout the book depending on what they were doing, but the guy on his haunches was my 18 year old ideal, so sexy and in the pictures willing to do anything. There was a shot of him huffing amyl, and in those days the real thing! At the time I had no idea what he was doing, but if it was good enough for him, I was ready to try it! I have only found a couple pictures of him on the internet over the years, but this one with him giving the blowjob and his cheeks sunk in is definitely a holy grail for me! It's exactly as I remember the photo.

I'm sorry I ever got rid of that book but I had to move back home due to medical reasons and couldn't risk anyone finding it.

Really enjoy your site!


Bruce Jensen said...

BrianB isn't the only one that remembers the book he mentioned, and the photos of this hottie. We had a copy of the "study" and had a lot of fun re-creating the scenarios.

Thanks Brian for reminding us of our youth.

Thanks Koba for creating this fantastic blog.

Have a good weekend everyone.
Bryn and Bruce