Saturday, April 18, 2020

Weekend Warriors!


Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Koba, snowing here in Massachusetts. Yikes this has been a very crazy month.

Wow these Wonderful Weekend Warriors, have Warmed me up!!

#1) Pretty in pink, this warrior is!! Great body, some serious gym time for this big boy!!

#2) Oh, I had some fine chocolate Easter bunnies last night, unfortunately it was candy I had left over from Easter. What I'm really craving is this big boy tasty dark meat:):)!!!

#3) Cutie I'd take a roll in the hay with you anyday or night. Would love to get "teabagged" by you!!

#4) As soon as social distancing gets over, I'm going to have a party of "peckers" ALL around me!!!!

#5) Holy pitch a tent Batman, I want to go camping in his bed!!!

#6) I NEED A HOT WARM HAIRY MUSKY MAN HOLE TO PUT MY TONGUE IN (yes I did capitalize all the words on purpose)

#7) I do like a man that will stand "up" for me. It must be my feminine side coming out.

#8) Yes indeed Koba, you do know what we like on a cold snowy day. Woof!!

#9) What the f--k is it with me and nips lately? Mine are stiff just looking at this big boy's. Oh and don't worry looking at those "guns" and that mighty powerful chest to.

#10) Lucky bastard, warm cum on a cold day, is exactly what I need.

Thanks Koba

bignate said...

#2 is packing some heavy artillery

JiEL said...

No.7 is Henry Cavill but it's a fake penis that was added..
Anyway, he's such a sexy man no need to add this fake penis.

Dan said...

#10 - Savoring that Sweet Nectar!

Grzeczniutki said...