Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Happy Hump Day!


Hot guys said...

Oh wow, Koba... Some great content in here!

Photos #1, #3 and #4 - ALL could get it.

Literally! ^.^

Anonymous said...


I needed that!!

Bruce Jensen said...

Hump Day is any day ending in "y" isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Oh yes I totally agree Bruce Jensen, April 15, 8:24pm.

Koba, another great Happy Hump day posting!!

#1) Indeed, someone looks very good in red!!

#2) Oh you tease you. But this lad here (me) can get off just by looking at your manly 4 day growth of beard, your hairy pit, and that nice hairy chest. Oh yes and part of that man-bush your sporting.

#3) It's a win-win situation here, as far as I'm concerned. Lucky bastards.

#4) LMAO.. only cause I just got done doing 30 pushups, but f--k, I could have done 60, if I had help like this handsome alpha male!!

#5) Wow, now that's some trifecta, if your into cock that is, as I'm wagging my tail like a happy puppy. I must admit I'd give the one with the loose balls just a little bit more attention.

#6) Oh man, do I try to give him a kiss first, go for those sniff nips, or just go right to the thick beef????? What a cutie:)

#7) Trust me handsome, if there is no deodorant on that great pit of yours, I could bury my nose in there ALL night. Oh and what a nice trimmed well kept beard.

#8) Oh handsome you have every right to be smiling. Great body, nice smile, beautiful eyes and a cock I would love to suck:)

#9)Honey dew on a chilly April day here in New England.

#10) Guys you ever wonder, how many men are cranking out a nut now, just like this young man is? I do sometimes.

Thanks Koba

CwelPies said...

I like a cock sticking out of military pants