Saturday, April 11, 2020



Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Wow, Wonderful Weekenders here Koba!!

Very windy and chilly here for today Koba, but at least the sun is out. But these pics are warming me up, quite nicely.

#1) Oh yeah, big boy, show me those "guns". Those stiff nips need some special attention.

#2 Now this waking beauty knows a way to my heart. He knows after I taste him from head to toe, I enjoy a treat. Like that early "Easter basket" he has in his PJ's!!

#3) Woof, my favorite, the medium thick cock attached to a nice hairy man.

#4) Ok, buddy, you beat me to it. You take his cock, and I'll work on his balls:)

#5) Indeed, always take time to smell the flowers handsome.

#6) " WTF, you can't even read a newspaper, without that pest Scott, bobbing for your cock."\

#7) Please can I kiss you, and then work my way down to that heavenly chest?

#8) Oh handsome, looking real good. Those are some nice perky nips, and nice basket.

#9) I would have loved to have been licking your nuts, while you cracked it!!

What no #10????? LoL.. I think that deserves a "caption this photo" for later on.

Thanks Koba, great post. Always hot men:):)

Cy said...

Hi Koba,
I know it's difficult under virus conditions, but here's wishing you a good Easter.

bignate said...

#9 needs to come visit me ... and lose those tights