Saturday, April 4, 2020

Weekend Warriors!


Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Wonderful Weekend Warriors here Koba!!

#1) Oh don't your worry hairy big boy, I'd be nice to you. Miss seeing heavenly sights like this in the locker room. What mighty large feet and nice dong you have handsome.

#2) Very nice mushroom capped head your sporting thru your soccer shorts cutie.

#3) Masculinity at its finest!!

#4) Boys with their toys!!

#5) Nothing wrong with getting a little smell and taste, but soon get him to take his supporter off, and your in for a real treat:)

#6) I'm going to start with his golden nuggets (his balls), and work my way up to those fine hairy pits. Yummy!!

#7) Oh yeah, when your with Girth Brooks you better have a strong grip and a WIDE mouth!! The first time I saw Girth do a little kissing in a vid, I'd almost came without touching my cock.

#8) Let me at this Hulking UNICORN:):):)

#9) Ok guys you won your game, now keep the enthusiasm "up" for the showers.

#10) I wish I was the lucky guy that "milked" this dude.

Thanks Koba!!

Hot guys said...

Used to like the 1st one, then got kinda bored of him, he got chubbier or somethin'. The jocks are very welcome, however! Also, the 2 boys "watching TV" together is something that's always nice to see.

lftcsterik9 said...

Always like seeing Alex Lederman in the flesh. He is a perfect stud muffin! The hairy #7 is perfection. Wish you had more bio information on him. Have a super weekend. Thanks for all you do to keep all of us entertained & horny! Erik

Anonymous said...

#7 Girth Brooks. Gay for pay. He's great to look at but in his movies he frequently looks unenthusiastic. Strikes me as a boring fuck. Too bad because he could be one hot stud

funguy said...

I have always fantasized about totally WORSHIPPING a HUGE WELL_FILLED JOCKSTRAP POUCH much like that lucky guy in the pic!...only...I believe I would actually have most of it IN MY MOUTH!....I think I would somehow manage to get MOST if not ALL of the huge (cock and balls-filled) jockstrap pouch somehow amazingly IN MY MOUTH and work it so well with my tongue and suction that it would shoot a huge load in my mouth right through the pouch...and I would get ALL of that huge plentiful delicious load!...OOOOH!...IF ONLY...I have had so many fantasies about what all I would do with a HUGE MEAT-FILLED JOCKSTRAP POUCH filled with an incredibly thick circumcized cock having a huge shiny helmet head and ooozing LOTS of very tasty delicious pre-cum...all the while smelling those very thick dark pubes and huge hairy sweaty pungent cum-filled balls!...OOOMPH!...HEAVEN ON EARTH!