Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Happy Hump Day!


Bruce Jensen said...

Thankfully there are 2 of us self isolating here so Hump Day will not be Hump Myself Day.

Bill said...

Numbet 2. has a Monster cock

Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Happy Hump Day indeed with this posting Koba!!

#1) Whoa, with that look handsome you could hypnotize me and make me do anything you like. Um, if you need suggestions I'll give you some. Ah, kiss you on the lips, nibble your nips, feel those strong arms. Push my head down to your cock, turn around and let me eat your ass. Now, now don't get in a huff, there only suggestions, you pick the ones you want.

#2) "It's about time you let me out, hump day is over and I want to play, so call Scott up and let him have his way".

#3) Sure rub it in, you lucky bastard. Oh yeah, cupping his balls, you'll be rewarded with a gooey surprise.

#4) Com-on cutie, read the text I sent back. As soon as you showed me a pit, my fingers were tapping so fast. I'll be over, before you can text back. Woof

#5) Oh my, someone is "heading" to get out!!! Nice knob

#6) Cutie is sitting pretty.

#7) Oh man, can't wait to see the boys playing in the water.

#8) Goodness gracious handsome, If I do come over to blow ya, please be gentle, if you going to put one of your big paws on my head.

#9a,b) Very nice "treasure trail", and dark bush, but come on, let him out.

#10) Now this dude, knows how to end the work day. Buddy I'm soon to follow.

Thanks Koba

Koba said...

Thanks guys!