Friday, April 10, 2020

Thank God it's Good Friday!


Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Terrific TGIF posting Koba!!

#1) It might be a very tight fit, but I'd love to try and share his bed with him. My, my, your a handsome tall one.

#2) Trying to type and tug at my cockhead at the same time. What a great manly chest and one heck of a "treasure trail".. Woof!!!

#3) Hey handsome, take your sneakers and shirt off and really enjoy your sun bath. Great legs, buddy-boy!!

#4) Oh don't worry, he's not going anywhere. A true cocksucker will stay on it, till the job is 100% complete.

#5) That's all it takes for men to "meat and greet"!!:)

#6) Thanks for posing for us boys, now get on that bed, and show us some man to man action.

#7) Oh please, I hope this virus goes away fast, so I can see sights like this when I take my vacation. Loving those loose balls and hairy hole.

#8) Beautiful man bush and nice hairy legs!!

#9) I haven't tasted musky man-ass for a while now. What a treat it's gong to be.

#10) I'm so horny now, so indeed, I would clean that knob up!!:):)

Thanks Koba

Chris said...

Nr 8 -- what I love to see on a man -- contrary to present tastes, there is nothing like a good bush.

Txboyalone said...

Great post. Thanks.

Anonymous said...