Saturday, May 9, 2015


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Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Nice Weekenders:)

1) Wow, I'm definitely seeing "RED" looking at this handsome jock:)

#2) Nice, that is one nice cock and balls:)

#3) OH yes indeed, NO TICKET for this dude:):)

#4) Tall Lovers with great butts:)

#5) F--k ya, take that cream, from that medium thickie uncut cock:)

#6) AWESOME Chest dude, liking those hairy inside thighs to:)

#7) Ummm, just might hit the trails tomorrow, Central New England could get close to 90.. I wouldn't mind taking care of HOT STIFF COCKS:)

#8) OH my, that toy is hitting his button Big time:)

#9) HOT PIC... Dudes in love.. Love the contrast..

#10) Ah, nice, sharing the honey:)

Thanks Koba