Saturday, May 2, 2015



Anonymous said...

Scott said....

Nice Saturday post Koba:)

#1) I wonder if these hot Cowboys would mind a third joining them:)

#2) Oh my, I would love to have this hunky masculine dude keep me company tonight. MY, MY, NICE BASKET handsome:)

#3) OH yes, Summer is coming... and I have been known to, ah,um, circle the dunes, looking for fresh meat:)

#4) Woof, I am a "sucker" for a hairy longed legged dude:) Nice cock and balls:)

#5) OH yes young man, enjoy that meal:)

#6) Now these boys know how to have a good time:)

#7) F--k ya, keep stroking his cock like that and his nut might just put out his cigarette:)

#8) Spread those hairy legs just a little further dude, and I'll get right in there:)

#9) Sweet...You just sit there and look pretty, while I admire those nice nuts of yours:)

#10) Holy cock and tight balls, what a sight:):)

Thanks Koba

Axiom2001 said...

I am "HORNY" as a mofo toad! During this weekend I want to spend my 72 hours with the men in #s 1, 4, 5, and 7, beginning with #5!!!

Hottie takin' a selfie said...

Love your blog, man! It's very... stimulating! ^_^ To say the least.